Quick-cooking buckwheat

Buckwheat in its food supply value wins first place among major cereals. It is rich in nutrients, has high taste qualities and is easily digestible by the human body. Good solubility of the buckwheat proteins is the most important quality. Due to this quality buckwheat is a dietary product.


It is Produced in two types: peas polished whole and split. In terms of quality complies with State Standard 6201-68. This cereal is rich in protein, which is high-grade in amino acid composition. They are easily digested by the body due to the good solubility in water.

Millet Cereal

It is Produced according to State Standard 572-60 by processing high-quality millet and possesses a bright yellow color. Millet Cereal is high-calorie and nutritious.

Peeled barley

Peeled barley corresponds to indicators of quality of State Standard 5784-60. When polished cereal processing that improves its appearance, changes nutrition facts increases the taste and cooking quality.

Pearl barley

Pearl barley is made of high quality barley according to State Standard 3034-75. Pearl barley has an excellent taste, very useful and nutritious.

Wheat Groats

It is made from durum wheat in accordance with State Standard 276-60. The durum wheat with smooth, shiny semitransparent surfaces is used for the production of cereal. Natural amber color and uniformity of grains provide its high consumer properties. Bulk mass of wheat comprises carbohydrates and in the second place proteins. They play an important energetic role in human nutrition. In wheat grain carbohydrates are mainly represented by starch, which is in the grain of wheat on the average 54%.


Rice is the most important agricultural crop in world agriculture. Cereals are produced from grain this cereals are much richer in starch than cereals of other grains and poor in protein, so they are better absorbed by the human body.


In the production of buckwheat cereal we get a second raw material - the husk. Using of husk is diverse: orthopedic pillows and mattresses, combustible material (Pellets). Buckwheat husk has high strength during the combustion it leaves a minimal amount of ash.



buckwheat grain, corn peas (yellow, green), millet, wheat, barley, corn, canola.

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